Whether discovering the Village of Gagetown, exploring the Saint John River Valley, or just passing through, our 1840's farmhouse will offer you the tranquility of days gone by. 

In addition to being a travelers' hostel, the Lazy Farmer is also an operational sustainable farm. Our 2 acre property is home to goats, chickens, ducks, & rabbits, as well as a sustainable, naturally raised vegetable garden!


The Village of Gagetown is the perfect setting for travelers looking for a peaceful hideaway. And with close proximity to all amenities, what better place to relax than our 2 acre organic hobby farm.

Whether you're passing through or staying awhile, we guarantee that you'll appreciate the relaxed atmosphere our accommodations have to offer.  

The Lazy Farmer Hostel is situated in the core of the Village of Gagetown within walking distance to:

 - The Creek View Restaurant, http://www.thecreekviewrestaurant.com/

 - The Gagetown Fruit Farm, http://gagetownfruitfarm.com/

 - Greig Pottery, http://greigpottery.com/

 - Maja Padrov Pottery, http://www.majapadrov.com/

 - The Village of Gagetown Farmers' Market seasonal),  https://www.facebook.com/groups/656659997715119/

 - The Courthouse Museum, http://www.queenscountyheritage.com/

 - Tilley House Museum, http://www.queenscountyheritage.com/

 - Bronwyn Gallagher Textiles, https://www.facebook.com/BronwynGallagherTextiles?ref=br_tf

 - Juggler's Cove Pottery, http://www.villageofgagetown.ca/index.php/tourism-a-visitors-information/unique-shopping/jugglers-cove-pottery

 - The Old Boot Pub, http://www.villageofgagetown.ca/index.php/tourism-a-visitors-information/restaurants-and-accommodations/old-boot-pub

 - The Gagetow Marina & Dockside Pub http://www.villageofgagetown.ca/index.php/tourism-a-visitors-information/attractions/gagetown-marina

 - Fiddlehead Forge, http://www.villageofgagetown.ca/index.php/tourism-a-visitors-information/unique-shopping/fiddlehead-forge

 - K&W Convenience, www.facebook.com/pages/KW-Quality-Meats/249890128409644

 ... and more.

For more information on restaurants, museums, shops, and other nearby attractions visit the Village website at: http://www.villageofgagetown.ca